Is there a bright side in Hitting Rock Bottom?

"The bright side in hitting Rock Bottom.... "

Say what?!!! 
There’s such a thing?!!! 

I’m sure everyone’s gotten their share of rock bottoms. Some harder than others, but there is no escaping them. If you haven’t yet, well, aren't you a little too young to be reading a single momma's blog? hit x. (or not - you decide)

But what if you’re there right now? 
Is there such a thing as a bright side to hitting Rock Bottom?

Well, for one, Hitting rock bottom means that you have an opportunity to decide on what’s next. 
Yes, it might be painful and tough now, but life doesn't end there - What's next? 

Hitting rock bottom means that you now know where you don’t ever want to be - which means that when you do get out of it, you will know so much better than to get yourself in that position ever again. Life lessons, kids.

Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way, but as you learn of these things, know that these are lessons that will make you better and help you in many different areas in your life. 

Hitting rock bottom means that, well, life can’t get any worse, can it? When you do come out of this - you will always remember that. Everything else that comes your way will not seem so bad anymore. You will come out of it stronger than you can ever imagine yourself to be.

They say that tough times make tough people. I didn’t believe it then, but I do now. 

Hitting rock bottom - will make you feel like there’s no hope for things to get better. It can make you feel very defeated - but you can also use this time in your life to push yourself, take it as a challenge and take every bit of it as a lesson, motivation to bounce back & MAKE life better. 

Is there a bright side in Hitting Rock Bottom? 
I’ll let you decide. 




I can’t tell you enough how much I needed to breathe today. Like, really, BREATHE a DEEP DEEP BREATH x 10 and repeat. 

It has been the longest weekend ever. Nothing was going right. Well, at least that’s how I’ve been feeling like. And the last straw today was this. 

We picked up our groceries and my little one dropped a bottle of milk and spilled ALL OVER THE ELEVATOR.


We quickly put the spilling bottle of milk in a bag (filled with groceries) and ran to our door with milk still spilling in the hallway - a carpeted hallway. 

I did not see what happened. It scared him too. He cried. He was crying. His brother and I were cleaning up items from the bag and I had to quickly go back and wipe the elevator clean - as we had neighbours coming in and out. 

I got back and I was about to lose it.

Oh - and along with other groceries, my phone took a milk bath in that bag and no longer works (I also buried it in rice overnight) 

But there, I saw the Big brother trying to comfort the little one. 
"It's okay. It was an accident. It happens..."

And I exhaled… a DEEP DEEP BREATH x10 and repeat. 

I dream of good days. And really, we do have good ones. But life ain’t always that way. We like to call our home, Our Happy Place. And we do make every effort to make it that. But some days, there’s this… and some days, a whole lot of this. 

Which brings me to my point. 


You know that thing that you click on your browser when things stop loading? You hit stop and refresh.. and then it starts loading again. 

Once in a while, we’re kinda like that. life’s kinda like that. I feel the need to hit stop and refresh. 

to take a DEEP DEEP BREATH x10 and repeat. 

We talked shortly after and he said it was an accident. I apologized for being mad. My other not so little guy was right, these things happen. 

And I know that it wasn’t just because of the exploding milk that I was close to losing it. Mommying is a tough job, and ya’ll know it. 
It’s the little things that build up. 
And the truth is.. 
I haven’t been doing my part in dealing with it and these are the days that really make me aware of it. 


Make some “YOU” time. 
Hop in a nice bath. a bubble bath. 
Take a nice walk. 
Wake up a little earlier to grab a cup of “HOT” coffee and drink said “HOT” coffee. 
Read a book. and no, not Facebook. 
Talk to a friend. 
Grab your weights/ do a little YOGA / stretch / Run (hehe.)
or (if we're bein real here) put the music up and dance like YOLO!!! 
A DEEP DEEP BREATH x10 and repeat. 


Yes, I get it, even that feels and takes a little effort. But ya’ll know - We need it. 


Have an awesome week ahead <3

xoxo, GMOMMA 

Saving the dolla dolla billz - Where to begin?

I've been thinking about savings and where to begin. What's the best way to put money aside and what can I do today to start putting money away. So, I got a bit of help, Arvin shares with us an insight on where to begin.  

Reduce credit debt
If you have any credit card debt at all, this is where you want to start working on. Let me explain. When you put your or take money in different environments ( savings, investment, your closet, loans, etc), it does not grow at the same rate. Let's say you just take your money and put it in a shoebox you have in your closet. It actually decreases in value due to inflation. So if you had $100 and assuming a 2% inflation, after a year you would only be able to use that money on things worth $98 in the year before. That's because things get more expensive every year. Today an apple might cost $1, next year it could be $1.02. It doesn't sound so bad but when you realize it happens every year and it affects everything then your fixed costs ( Rent, groceries, bills, etc) might be $10,000 a year, in 20 years it will cost you almost $15,000 a year. That’s a $5000 increase! Most credit cards have a 20% interest rate, which is even worse. A $10,000 credit card loan will cost you $300,000 in 20 years. So unless you can find a savings account or investment that can give you more than 20% return. Then I highly suggest starting with that. - Arvin Orena, Life insurance broker and personal finance advisor

Having said that, here are a few tips and tricks that we can do on the daily to start putting money away that can work for us.

1. No Spend Week Challenge.
Every week, challenge yourself to spend $0 on certain items. One week, I would spend $0 on eating out. Other weeks, we decide it's $0 on entertainment. That's not saying we don't do fun stuff, it just allows us to be more creative.

2. Change, Change, Change.
Every dollar counts. If you can collect as much change in a week and put them aside every month - that could go into your savings!

3. Start Small
Seeing the bigger picture helps but starting small allows you to start putting it to action. Start taking out $5/week and go from there.

If you haven't seen it yet, I share a free download and my app pick of the week that helps me with staying on track with the dolla dolla billz yo!
I hope that helps!
xoxo, Ghettomomma

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I am a very visual person and sometimes, making sure that I've caught up on my monthly bills gives me that one less thing to worry about on the daily.

I used to always be logging in and out of my online banking and seeing if I still need to keep on budget, put in a bit more hours to get us through the month and if there was a bill that I haven't paid just yet. 

I've learned to sit down twice a month to make sure that everything is up to date.

Now, if you're not the paper type - There's an APP for that! 

A couple of years ago, my brother introduced me to this app that can hook up into your bank account. I was a little hesitant at first but you guys, it's been pretty safe. I've had zero problems with it. You can enter in your monthly budgets and it gives you a pretty chart report of where your money's going. It also gives you email reminders if say, you're about to hit your "FOOD" limit - which I'm not going to lie, has happened way too many times. (oops) But it's a pretty awesome way to stay on track. 

You can find this app budgeting thing here :
And it's been one of the best things that has helped me stay on track with my daily spending and figuring out on whether I need to adjust the work-life balance. 

If you like pretty looking things to keep on your desks, to stick on your fridge and have the satisfaction of picking up your pretty pens and putting on that check on a checklist as you pay out those disgusting bills - you're very welcome to DOWNLOAD this ready made 2017 CHECKLIST for your Dolla Dolla Billz Yo! 

I hope that helps :) Have an awesome Monday! 
xoxo, Ghettomomma

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Dear Winter Blues.

I have been living in the land of cold and snow for a good 5 years now. Every winter, I would tell myself that I would give some fun winter activities a try. Well, I always end up hiding under the blanket with a good warm coffee or hot chocolate (and a bag of chips. oops.) and make it a good excuse to watch a full series of tv shows that I haven't had the time to watch throughout the year (aka The Mindy Project). In other words, I Pig-Out!

But 2016 came and while 2015 was what I would consider a good year, I really did not plan ahead enough last year to balance work and play. For the first week of January 2016, I am already feeling burnt out. I could blame it on the weather. But man, is this body just really giving up on me!

My mind is completely drained. I am tired. Of Everything. And I need to do something about it - fast!

I booked a week off from work with zero plans and as my last day was approaching, I had asked around for what to do.

I ended up in Rabbit Hill with the gfriends. We found a deal on Groupon for the day and decided to do something we all haven't done before, SNOWBOARD.

Ha. The noob in me asked a lot of questions and watched what everyone did. My bum has not had this much action in forever! I have terrible balance so yes, I was falling every 5-10 seconds. Kids half my size were doing so much better than I was. But OMG, it's the funnest thing I've done in a while.

I woke up today and I'm sore as crap! But I needed this. I needed a break. I needed a little excitement. And I needed this time with some of my fave people.

To survive as a mom - a working mom - a working single mom, I've been learning to "Let Go". I had always thought that it would make me such a horrible parent if I go out and have fun on my own. I would always have that guilt in me. But since learning to give myself a "Day Off" or a "Time Out" on my own, as an individual, without my boys, it has given me that breath of freshness and re-motivates me to push through another few weeks or months until I feel the need for a "Time Out" again.

Maybe this year, I will push to schedule these "Time Outs", add them in my calendar and not wait for the burn out.

When was the last time you had your ME time ?
Is it time to schedule in a Day Off ?

xoxo, Ghettomomma 

Get It Together : 3 little things that is easily causing you to BURN OUT!!!

Whether you're working double jobs, working a full time job and side hustling, single parent hustling, or just the kind that likes to spend a ton of time working.. there are ways to go around it without BURNING OUT.

Here's 3 little things to watch for that can easily cause you to BURN OUT!!! 


We like the hustle - believe it or not, for whatever reason, some people really enjoy it. But as much as we'd like to put in as much hours in a day as we can - our bodies are not machines (and even machines break down). I'm not against it, by all means, hustle. Do what you love, do what you should for your families. 

But give yourself a LIMIT. 

It can be anything from the hours of work/ amount of energy you can put in - within a day, a week or a month. It also depends on the 'type' of work that you do. Say, I know I'm okay with putting in 12+ hours of computer work in a day - but I also know that I would totally die working the same amount of time working on a job that requires me to run around and a lot of my energy. And if you're doing a little bit of both, find your happy balance. 

Kinda like playing the lottery - Know your Limit, Stay within it. 


- Yea, I thought so too. Until I crashed so many times in the middle of the day - surrounded with little ninjas jumping around and all over me, and I would not feel a thing. zero. passed out. 

Sleep is important. 
A full 8 hour sleep can make such a difference to your day and week. And if you're still making your way to hitting that number, naps are fun too! 

Your Body will Thank You, and Reward you with the energy you need to Hustle through another day. Now, unplug that TV and get to BED! 


Who's got time for that? You do!

You will MAKE TIME for it!

I have never really been that 'Morning Person' but I can tell you how AMAZING it is to start your day with a good coffee, a 5 minute read (nope, we're not talking facebook. grab a real book.), breathing in that morning breeze and taking in all the peace and quiet before all the chaos begins.

Some would wake up the extra hour to go for a morning run/workout before work - I've done this one summer, it's amazing how much energy it can give you to get your day started. 

AT LEAST 30 minutes a day - to yourself - to clear your head - to breathe, can make all the difference.

When I manage to dodge any of these three bullets, I find that my days are better, I am better and I have helped keep the world a safer place. 

Happy Hustling! 
xo, Ghettomomma

I Hope You Never Forget...

Dear Momma, (or Dadda) 

There is a thing that you must know.
If you already have a growing kid, I hope by now, you've already figured this out.

If not, well, here's why I am writing to you.

There is a thing that you must know.

In the midst of the everyday chaos - the crying, the feeding, the happy giggles, the messy dinner tables, fun bubble baths and running around chasing little ones that have learned to run on their two steady feet - There is another person in your little world that matters.

There is a thing that you must know.

You look at them with your tired, very little to no sleep eyes and you still smile as you think ' these little guys are insanely lucky they are capable of being the cutest things in the world.' - and they are. They are the most amazing gift. They fill your heart with so much love and fill your hands with .. well, I'll let you decide on that.

But There is a Thing That you must know, and one that I hope You Never Forget.

Life can get Insanely Busy and It isn't hard for any parent to forget - I've done it, I am still guilty of it once in a while.

& if it's something that you've forgotten about, I hope that this be your quick reminder.

There is a thing that you must know.

Actually, it's a Who. It's a very special someone that I hope you don't forget to take care of.

The moment that this person wakes up to the end of the day, this person is responsible for the world of another. What do I feed the kids? What are they going to do today? Who is bringing them to school? Who is picking them up? Where are the socks? You know, the ones that match? Never mind, no one really cares if they match. What's happening after school? Do they have games to go to? Parties to attend? Oh crap! That party that my 5 year old was waiting for all week happened YESTERDAY!!!!

Yes, that person. Take care of her. Feed her well. Remind her that She is just as important as the little ones that she is pouring out all her love and energy into. Tell her to never stop doing the things that she loves. Tell her that her dreams still matter. Tell her to take a break once in a while - to breathe - to have fun. Tell her she has a life outside of being a Parent - it may not feel like it, but it is something that she needs to pursue - for her sanity & the safety of everybody around her (hehe).

Take Care of You, Momma (and Dadda). 
This is the bestest gift that you can give to your Kids. (aside from happy meals, trips to toys r us, lightsabers & those new Jordans.. ugh.) 

& to quote our all time fave JB song - I hope you never forget to... "Love Yourself."

xo, coffees and lotsa wine!
- Ghettomomma